Building My Life


The Refuge is a thriving, non-denominational community of believers in the greater Charlotte area. We embrace people of all economic, social, and cultural backgrounds. We believe in being the church, not just doing church. 

Countdown to Opening Day


The Challenge

Dear Friends,PastorJayandMel

As a child I loved to play with Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys. The challenge of building something was so intriguing and inviting. As a parent I’ve sat on the floor numerous times surrounded by hundreds of Legos, endeavoring to help my kids build their own masterpiece. There is something inside of each of us that wants to build.

From its earliest days in 2004, The Refuge has been committed to building lives, building the church, building legacy, building families, building culture, and building the Kingdom of God.

We’ve always prayed that God would help The Refuge to have such influence that if we were gone, our community and others around the world would sincerely miss us. In response to that, God has continued to expand the influence of The Refuge into the public schools, nursing homes, businesses, families, ministries across America, and nations around the world.

Melanie and I are so excited about the opportunity that we as a church have to BUILD LIVES. Far more than a building, God has entrusted to us a great tool of influence so that we can BUILD LIVES TOGETHER. We believe that your life will be built stronger and greater as you partner to help others build their life. You are a vital piece of the building process as we all connect to form something that will last forever! Will you join us?

Jay and Melanie Stewart
Founding/Lead Pastor

The Journey

Financial Goal


In 2011 The Refuge purchased property off Kannapolis Parkway for $1,800,000. Through the faithfulness of our partners in the Livingstones Capital Strategy we were able to pay off the land COMPLETELY in January of 2013!


With the acquired land we now turn our focus to the new campus design & construction. Through the Building My Life Capital Strategy our goal is to raise $3,000,000 for Phase 1 of the new location.


The commitment is to give a specific amount over the next 2 years.
We must work together to accomplish the exciting and life changing task before us.
Building My Life Capital Strategy is an opportunity that will require personal sacrifice and humble obedience. Together we will see the task completed and lives changed.

Giving Breakdown

The above chart is simply a calculating guideline.

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